The folks behind Moshboxx

 A little story about two music fans, a Boxx, and a dream. 


The Making of Moshboxx 

Moshboxx™ was founded by friends and music lovers, Will and Kisha in 2015.

Will has been a professional drummer for internationally known Hardcore/Thrash bands for over almost two decades; in addition, he is also a filmmaker and film educator. He currently resides in New York.  His trusty sidekick, Kisha is a Graphic Designer (and official company petsitter) for a makeup company based in North Jersey. She is a born and bred Jersey girl. She's not in a band, but she was gifted a lovely pink guitar that she will be learning to play in the near future.

Will and Kisha created Moshboxx™ for a simple reason: they were tired of seeing great bands give away their merchandise at shows, only for their merch to be overlooked, left behind, or discarded. Through Moshboxx™, we will promote bands and visual artists to help them reach new listeners and potential fans. Moshboxx™ promotes local, national, and worldwide heavy rock bands and visual artists. Our goal is to get bands noticed, gain new fans/exposure for them as well as introduce new music to music fans.  All profits go back into promoting bands through our subscription service, print, social networks, video and television ads.
Moshboxx™ is about supporting our music scene, anything that's heavy rock (Metal, Punk, VKei, Thrash, and so on). " We love music, we live it, we breathe it, and we want to share all these great indie bands that we know and believe in with music fans worldwide."