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I love the packages "

- Suzanne from NY



Just received my box! I cannot express how delighted this made me! I've done a few "loot crate" like things regarding music, and this really felt like I got more than what I spent. Not only that, but it was a nice variety of music. I will definitely continue subscribing to moshboxx, and will be looking forward for more great finds!"

- Lauren from TX:



Keep up the Hardcore. Metal spirit guys!

- Skylar from Australia


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Moshboxx™ is in the Nov '17 Print Issue of

The Product Experimenter Review (click to read more) ..."Overall this is a great box and something I would totally recommend to anyone who is into Metal / Punk Rock/ and Thrash Metal. This box is a great way of introducing new and upcoming artist to the world and I am sure this box will go a long way! Def. go and check out MOSHBOXX now!"
Sweety High Moshboxx Review (click to read more) ..."My subscription was Enter the Pit. I'm a huge fan of Paramore and No Doubt, so I was stoked when I opened the box to find the Paramore Blu-ray and the No Doubt poster. For the most part I listen to some pretty hardcore bands, so the music in this box was right up my alley. I had heard of Truth in Needles before, but I never checked them out. I'm so glad they were featured in this box, because the dudes are rad. What's great about this box is it's a fun assortment of plenty of fun knickknacks. From CDS to DVDs and shirts to posters, there are so many things you can potentially get in your subscription."

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What do I do if a box arrives, and one or more items are damaged?

Depending on the item, we will replace it once you send the item back to us. For example: if it is a CD Jewel Case that is cracked or damaged (as long as the CD plays and the artwork itself is not damaged), we would ask that you just replace the case; it is the music that counts. If the CD is not working, then we will be happy to replace it for you after we receive the damaged copy.  Our supplies are limited so you may receive a different CD or Artist of our choice

What if I purchased a Box, and never received it?

A: We will send you the tracking number for your Boxx, and we will also track it ourselves. Worse comes to worse, we'll be happy to send you another Boxx. If your address has changed/you moved, be sure to update your account and if you can send us an email and let us know asap. Cratejoy sometimes doesn't show us the proper change on your account page.

I have a band, and would like to be a part of moshboxx. How do I reach you guys?

You can email us at for information.

How does cost and shipping work?

Shipping costs depend on the subscription/item you purchase. The shipping calculator determines the shipping price, each "Enter the Pit" box weighs between 1 - 2Lbs. The "Picking Up Change" parcel weighs between 5oz. - 1lbs. 3oz.

We ship on or before the 5th of every month (if it's a weekend, we'll ship the next business day).

* *VERY IMPORTANT: Once your subscription is renewed, but you need a refund, you MUST contact us for a refund within 12hrs. ONLY a PARTIAL REFUND will be returned, due to restocking fees, bank, tax, and transfer fees that are acquired during the renewal process (first 12-hours of renewal).  Otherwise, the boxes will be sent out and a refund request cannot be granted once we have begun ordering from our distributor, packing and/or printing.

**PLEASE NOTE: Right now, moshboxx™ subscriptions are only available for customers residing in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, S.Korea, and Japan . More countries to come soon!*